Investing and setting up a company in Lithuania

Benefit from our expertize

Since 2010, we have been assisting French entrepreneurs with the management, control and all practical aspects of their subsidiary in Lithuania.

Creating your legal entity

From the moment we receive all the documents concerning you for the creation, the deadline for your turnkey company is 3 to 4 weeks.

Remote management

You do not have to be personally resident in Lithuania to be a shareholder or officer. Please contact us for more information.

A network of professionals

Our network of professionals will be able to answer any questions where additional expertise is required

Legal and tax issues

ensures a level playing field for market players, thus allowing the strategic advantages of the country to be enjoyed with confidence.

Investment opportunities

liabilities and assets to invest your capital in a dynamic economy, with our advice, at an appropriate level of risk.

Our approach: all inclusive, all guaranteed

Our service, both in the creation and in the accounting and administrative follow-up, is as much as possible understood: fixed price, all inclusive, all guaranteed.

Frequently asked questions from entrepreneurs

What about accounting?

It is mandatory for a UAB to keep double-entry accounts. Since 2013, the company director cannot be his own accountant and must appoint one. We offer this service, but you are free to choose.

What documents do I need to establish a company in Lithuania ?

We need the name of the company, a list of its shareholders (passport scan or K-Bis equivalents) and the directors. The company’s object is also necessary (the articles of association may nevertheless provide that any legal commercial activity is permitted).

What about the manager ?

There is no status of manager in Lithuania as we understand it in France, just the prerogatives and responsibilities attached to the function of director. Otherwise, the director has an employment contract similar in all respects to others. To be registered as a VAT collector, the company must have at least one active employee. A director can perfectly well be paid anecdotally (a few euros for a few hours) per month. The name of the director naturally appears on the ESI extract (Kbis).

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Can expenses be deducted, e.g. company car, travel expenses, meal expenses, client representation, etc.?

Entertainment expenses (gifts, restaurants, hotels) are naturally deductible, subject to certain rules. If you rent or own a car in your company’s name, all expenses are deductible. Beware: setting up a company in Lithuania for the sole purpose of registering a car and using it abroad is often a miscalculation (and possibly illegal). ​

My Lithuanian entity is going to trade internationally, what is the tax regime?

Lithuania has double taxation treaties with all its European partners, among others. Unless the tax authorities question the location of the profit centre, taxation will remain Lithuanian. ​

What are the main taxes and labour costs ?

VAT: 21% Corporate tax: 15%, reduced to 5% in certain cases (majority shareholder is not a majority shareholder, less than 10 employees and €300,000 annual turnover) Personal income tax: 20%, deducted at source, degressive for small salaries. Social security: 19.5% payable by the employee, 1.77% payable by the employer. In the 2nd quarter of 2021, the legal minimum wage was €643 gross (i.e. €470 net and total company cost €655), and the average wage in the 3rd quarter of 2020 was €1454 gross

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Which legal form to choose?

A UAB (limited liability company) is the most obvious legal form to choose in Lithuania. Please consult us.

Is it possible to set up a completely anonymous company, i.e. where the list of shareholders is not accessible to anyone?

No Lithuanian legal form guarantees complete anonymity. Anyone who pays will get the information from the Centre of Registers. However, on the ordinary Kbis extract, the names of the shareholders will be hidden, as long as there are at least 2 shareholders, so you only need to sell one share for the name of the main shareholder not to appear.

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