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Forensic and analytical accounting and management consultancy for Lithuanian companies

Orixel is an accountancy and consultancy firm set up in 2009, specialising in finance and strategy for small businesses investing in the Lithuanian market or investing in Europe from Lithuania.


Our primary service is the legal accounting of companies incorporated under Lithuanian law; general and analytical accounting, bookkeeping, cash management, handling tax returns, payroll management, drawing up financial statements, etc. We offer this service in Lithuanian, French, English, Italian and Ukrainian.

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2024.04.30 – Statutory capital for crypto-licensed companies (“Virtual Assets Services Providers”, hereafter VASPs) in Lithuania, since August 1, 2024:

According to the recent changes to the AML/CTF Law, VASPs must ensure that share capital in the amount of EUR 125 000 is fully paid up and that own funds (equity capital) of VASP will at all times be equal to or higher than EUR 125 000. This is different from current requirement to have the authorized capital equal to EUR 125 000. 

New obligation will come into force on 1 August 2024 and by 31 August 2024 all registered VASPs will have to submit to the Financial Crime Investigation Service (FCIS) evidence proving that they are in compliance with a new requirement on own funds. The AML/CTF Law does not specify the particular evidence that VASP shall provide to the FCIS, however, generally, the amount of own funds (equity capital) of a legal entity are reflected in the financial statements prepared in accordance with applicable accounting framework (there is no obligation for VASPs to have financial statements audited, thus, it is unlikely that FCIS will require such statement to be audited, but this is yet to be confirmed in FCIS’s practice).

According to the amendments of the AML/CTF Law, failure to submit aforementioned evidence by 31 August 2024, will be a basis for FCIU to enforce deregistration an entity as VASP in which case it will cease a right to engage in VASP activities.

2024.01.16 – Message from SoDros

 SoDra informs you that as of 01.07.2024 all covered persons will be enrolled in the supplementary pension scheme. If you agree you do not need to do anything.
 If you do not agree, you need to inform SoDra before 30 June.



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