is an accounting and consulting company established in 2009, specializing in finance and strategy for small companies investing in the Lithuanian market or investing in Europe from Lithuania. We assist entrepreneurs with strategy, econometrics, scorecards, financial management, accounting and relations with public and banking institutions. If you are an SME investing in Lithuania, or a Lithuanian entrepreneur developing his activities in France or in the European Union, you will appreciate our competence and experience specific to these cases. Our participation in the ALBO EuroConsult network allows us to turn to trusted partners whom we know personally for all specific questions. We are also investors in small companies.

Financial analysis

We are specialists in the processing of management information and the setting up of dashboards and financial reports, including and especially for small companies


We provide accounting services to companies: general and analytical accounting, bookkeeping, cash management, tax returns, etc.

Setting up a company in Lithuania

We offer you turnkey solutions for the management of your subsidiary adapted to your needs, allowing you to be completely free of administrative constraints

Investment and financing

You can turn to us to invest in your business. Our investment choices are guided primarily by the following aspects:

  • The activities undertaken are compatible with our Christian values.
  • Our investment plan adapts over time in order to maintain equity between the investor and the project leader.
  • We primarily support the export activity of Lithuania.
  • We invest to remain a stable shareholder over time
  • We are always actively involved in the management and business development of the entity in which we are shareholders.

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