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 last updated March 21st, 2024

Personnel management is handled directly by our team, including for large number of employees. We set up the necessary systems for controlling schedules and timetables according to your needs. This usually only requires a Microsoft or Google user account.

Handling staff-related documents (recruitment, dismissal, sickness, holidays, etc.) for large number of employees may require the implementation of a specific document management solution, usually using SharePoint, which is why we use the services of Linditex (www.linditex.lt).

We can organise the secondment of staff to France and handle relations with the relevant institutions on your behalf, including URSSAF, SIPSI and CIBTP France. Where the company’s activity allows, our team can also deal with obtaining an A1 form. Contact us for advice on these specific issues, particularly in the construction sector.

When it comes to legal issues, we successfully work with Mr Girius Ivoška from Constat (https://constat.lt/en/experts/girius-ivoska/), who has particular expertise in labour law issues, but not only that.

Our real estate matters are usually handled by Eglė Sakalauskienė (https://paslaugos.lt/egle-sakalauskiene-en140)

Our partners