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Our primary service is the legal accounting of companies incorporated under Lithuanian law; general and analytical accounting, bookkeeping, cash management, handling tax returns, payroll management, drawing up financial statements, etc. We offer this service in Lithuanian, French, English, Italian and Ukrainian.

Our team covers a wide range of skills and has extensive experience of many different sectors and situations.

If you are a business investing in Lithuania, or a Lithuanian entrepreneur developing your activities in France or the European Union, you will appreciate our expertise and experience specific to these situations.

We also process data for financial analysis purposes: processing management information, setting up dashboards and financial reports.


Tel. +370 640 15586

Our partners

We also offer advice prior to and during the creation of the company, as well as all the related administrative support.

You can turn to us to invest in your business. Our investment choices are guided primarily by the following aspects:

The activities we undertake are compatible with our Christian values.
 Our investment scheme adapts over time to maintain equality between the investor and the project owner.
 Our priority is to support Lithuania’s export business.
 We invest to remain a stable shareholder over time
 We are always actively involved in the management and commercial development of our shareholding entity

Orixel is a member of the ALBO EuroConsult network, an association of business lawyers, chartered accountants, auditors and tax specialists. This network of professionals, who know each other personally and meet several times a year, gives our clients simple, direct access to the best answers to all their management questions on a European scale.

Orixel is a member of the Lithuanian Association of Auditors and Accountants (LBAA), the Albo Euro-consult network, the Franco-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce, and a partner of several other companies for accounting processing, dematerialisation and accounting for companies incorporated under French law.


Our partners